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Dog Grooming Lincoln - Bathing

Bath and Dry

All dogs are bathed at our salon with shampoo and conditioner suited to their hair and skin type, they are then thoroughly dried using whichever technique is suited to the dog , our drying cabinets are top of the range dezyna dog dryers, with temperature control and helps the dog relax ready for the final stage in the grooming process.

In between/Monthly Baths

Our in between/monthly baths are very popular particularly with Labradors to keep on top of shedding, also those with longer coats to keep ontop of matting, and those that just love to roll with really benefit from this service ,this is just £12 for regular customers.

Address: A Groom With A View Old Wood Lincoln LN6 5UA

Grooming Salon Mon - Fri 7.30am -5pm
Sat - Sun - closed
Monday-Friday  7.30 am -5.30 pm
Saturday  & Sunday at our home boarding address in North Scarle by prior appointment