Meet The Team

Dog grooming lincoln - lindsey

Lindsey Watson

Lindsey with Burt, our salon mascot

"Burt is at the salon most days, everyone just loves him".

Lindsey is the owner of A Groom With A View and has been in the grooming industry for 18 years and set up A Groom With A View in 2005. After training at de Montfort University and working in grooming salons and boarding kennels she decided she wanted to groom dogs in a happy, relaxed atmosphere where both dog and owner had complete confidence in the essential grooming visits most breeds need. Lindsey wanted to develop good relationships with owners as well as the dogs and so takes the time to listen to requests and ensures every groom is of a high standard, never rushed and as stress free as possible for the dog/cat. Lindsey has built up an incredibly successful business by working hard for many years, building up a dedicated team to help offer a flexible, professional service to any breed and temperament. With qualifications in all aspects of animal management and grooming she dedicates her time to offering advice to clients about the best care for their pet.

Dog grooming lincoln - Brian

Brian Watson

Brian with his beloved Wilma Belle the Boxer, the breed that sparked the Watson family love for dogs, Wilma is a handful but so adorable.

Brian is the inspiration behind it all. After his obsession for dogs and love for animals was passed on to his daughter Lindsey. It became obvious very early on that Lindsey would seek a career working with animals, but after leaving school that meant living away at college to study, her father Brian pushed her to follow her ambitions and has continued to do so throughout her journey from 2 years living away at college working in boarding kennels to now owning the successful A Groom With A View.
Brian was there right at the start helping with bathing, drying and lifting the large breeds when Lindsey worked alone, and we are delighted that he has now managed to join us full time to finally live his life’s ambition to work with animals all day every day. Brian is there at the salon 1st thing in the morning and last thing at night and he has such a calming influence on the dogs he truly is a dog whisperer. Brian has enabled us to open our shop selling a range of dog/cat feed and accessories ,together we look forward to bringing the business into it’s most successful year to date.

Dog grooming lincoln - Trish

Trish Billinghurst

Trish with her 3 hooligans Carter, Katie and the hilarious Bailey, such characters.

Trish is a very dedicated member of our team and works very hard to ensure the team work effectively together, every good salon needs a Trish and we all value her hugely at A Groom With A View , Trish has worked alongside Lindsey for a number of years now and has grown from strength to strength, although very quiet Trish is fantastic with our doggie friends and there owners. Hand strips are Trish’s expertise and she spends hours perfecting highly professional hand strips.
Trish has lots of experience in the grooming industry and in boarding kennels and has a level 3 diploma in dog grooming. Trish is a full time member of our team and can often offer same day appointments due to being completely dedicated.

cat grooming lincoln

Claire Edwards

Claire with the lovely Sophie the Labradoodle

Claire trained with Lindsey at De Montfort university Caythorpe back in 1997 after which she went on to  run a grooming salon for 4 years. After a break in the industry to raise her children Claire has joined A Groom with A View and has enjoyed learning all the new styles and technique’s. Claire is very much a Perfectionist and always delivers a high standard of grooming.

dog grooming lincoln 1

Gemma Bradley

Gemma with the love of her life Noodle

Gemma came to us after gaining some experience in Bathing and clipping and we all clicked with her straight away. Gemma has a gentle approach to everything she does and has put her all into learning to groom to a high standard. We are thrilled with the speed to which Gemma is gaining confidence and has made herself a firm part of the team at A Groom With A View .

dog grooming in lincoln

Laura Green

Laura with her gang; Buster, Joey and Phoebe

Laura Joined us as a Volunteer after knowing Lindsey for a number of years at  a boarding /rescue kennels where Lindsey first started grooming from. Laura’s  8 years experience working in kennels enabled her to pick up the techniques with ease and we happily offered Laura a position once her initial training was complete. Laura is a very thorough groomer and always looks for ways to improve and perfect her styles. Trim and tidy’s and all off clips came very naturally to Laura and we are thrilled at how well she is now completing breed styles at the high standard we set for our stylists.

Dog grooming lincoln - steve

Steve Rowan

Steve with his girls Theia and phoebe they are just too cute

Steve is our Collection and delivery driver , he loves getting to know the dogs and chatting with there owners.

Address: A Groom With A View Old Wood Lincoln LN6 5UA
Opening Times: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm *Sunday and late night appointments available on request