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Lindsey AGWAV
Lindsey Watson

Lindsey is the owner of A Groom With A View and has been in the grooming and pet care industry since 1996 and set up A Groom With A View in 2005. After training at de Montfort University and working in grooming salons and boarding kennels she decided she wanted to groom dogs in a happy, relaxed atmosphere where both dog and owner had complete confidence in the essential grooming visits most breeds need. Lindsey wanted to develop good relationships with owners as well as the dogs and so takes the time to listen to requests and ensures every groom is of a high standard, never rushed and as stress free as possible for the dog/cat. Lindsey has built up an incredibly successful business by working hard for many years, building up a dedicated team to help offer a flexible, professional service to any breed and temperament With qualifications in all aspects of animal management and grooming she dedicates her time to offering advice to clients about the best care for their pet.

In 2016 Lindsey expanded yet again to include our fantastic doggie day care centre  and home boarding service. After grooming from a day care centre before Lindsey had lots of ideas on how to make dog day care fun, stimulating and successful. Doggie day care and over night boarding  is a lovely addition to the services at A Groom With A View as we really do get to spend quality time with the dogs socialising and helping ensure each dog reaches their full potential. 

Lindsey has Shadow the German Shepherd, Hank the Shar-Pei and Summer the Douge De Bordeaux. 

Stella and Miley sadly passed away in 2020!  Stella was at the amazing age of 17 years and we were devastated to lose Miley to lymphoma at just 3 years of age. Sadly Luke also passed away in late 2021, he was an amazing age of 14

Dog grooming lincoln - Brian
Brian Watson

We were devastated to lose Brian in December 2020 after an incredibly brave battle with asbestos related lung cancer . His loss is huge to Lindsey and her family . We have set up a charity called Brian’s Buddy’s and hope to set up a dog park in the near future for people to enjoy with their dogs privately.

Brian (Lindseys Dad) with his beloved Wilma Belle the Boxer, the breed that sparked the Watson family love for dogs, Wilma is a handful but so adorable.

Brian is the inspiration behind it all. After his obsession for dogs and love for animals was passed on to his daughter Lindsey. It became obvious very early on that Lindsey would seek a career working with animals, but after leaving school that meant living away at college to study, her father Brian pushed her to follow her ambitions and has continued to do so throughout her journey from 2 years living away at college working in boarding kennels to now owning the successful A Groom With A View.

Brian was there right at the start helping with bathing, drying and lifting the large breeds when Lindsey worked alone, and we are delighted that he has now managed to join us full time to finally live his life’s ambition to work with animals all day every day. Brian is there at the salon 1st thing in the morning and last thing at night and he has such a calming influence on the dogs he truly is a dog whisperer. Brian has enabled us to open our shop selling a range of dog/cat feed and accessories ,together we look forward to bringing the business into it’s most successful year to date.

Business Manager
Grace's chocolate boys; Aero the German Shorthaired Pointer, Decker and Rolo the standard Dachshunds and Bounty the Hush Basset.
Grace joined us to help bring all our services together. Grace runs our business with her incredible organisational skills and ensures excellent, friendly communication is achieved at all times. Whether it’s social media, email's or phone calls, Grace can advise our lovely clients professionally at all times.
Grace has a degree in animal behaviour so carries out lots of our day care assessments ensuring she remains hands on with the dogs. You will also find Grace in the grooming salon helping out our groomers to ensure the day runs smoothly.
Last but not least Grace takes our staff dogs and regulars if suitable on pet care talks into schools, local groups and residential homes to share our experiences and help the local community. 
Natalie AGWAV
Home Boarding Manager and Stylist

Here is Natalie with her gang Loki the American Akita, Lyra the Olde English Bulldog, Lillie the Collie, Laik the Czech Shepherd

Natalie joined us in 2021 when Lindsey was diagnosed with Clippel-Feil Syndrome , severe Degenerative disc disease and foraminal stenosis related to her Diamond Blackfan Anaemia bone barrow disorder in order to allow Lindsey to manage her illness. 

Natalie is a great asset to the salon and after completing a one year dog grooming apprenticeship in a grooming salon we were lucky enough to have her join our friendly team. We helped Natalie improve her skills after the apprenticeship and now completes stunning grooms.

Natalie is so relaxed around the dogs she brings a very chilled vibe to both team and the animals in our care. You will often hear her infectious laugh as her sense of humour can brighten anyone’s day. Natalie grows as a dog grooming stylist day by day and looks to compete in the future with her stunning scissor work.

Natalie runs our boarding house with her excellent dog behavioural skills. After years of training her own dogs she has a vast amount of knowledge and ability. She creates a controlled secure environment where our boarding dogs settle well, feel happy and safe and are truly in a 'home from home' situation. 

Shardonay AGWAV

Shardonay spent a week with us in 2022 to do work experience- we loved her so much we kept her! She has recently become fully qualified after completing her AIM qualification Level 3 in Dog Grooming and is awaiting her certificate. She loves to groom trim + tidies and curly coats. You’ll often hear her before you see her but she has a heart of gold, an infectious laugh, a talent with dogs.

Shardonay has a tiny cockerpoo named Gypsy who you’ll only ever see in the summer as winter is a big no no for her (we don’t blame her!). Shardonay loves to practice wacky grooms on her so if you see her mullet… you didn’t!

Daycare Staff

Holly has been with us a year and is currently studying for her degree in Animal Welfare Science. Holly has level 2 dog grooming and is a great help when we need another pair of hands in the grooming salon. The daycare dogs love her and she is always looking for ways to enrich their time with us. She has worked in rescue and has helped to home many dogs with their forever families 

Holly sadly lost her boy Ted late 2023. He came from a troubled background and needed lots of rehab. Her family took him under their wings and showed him how good life could be. Although he had his crazy ways Holly never thought to give up and he taught her many things she now uses within our daycare setting. She’s an asset to our team. 

Daycare Assistant

Tilly is our newest member of staff but brings a Zoology degree and years of experience with both dogs and horses. From her trial day we knew she was going to fit right in; a crazy personality, a passion for dogs and didn’t mind getting muddy! She has worked on equine yards whilst caring for the farm dogs and at a famous dog café! 

Tilly has 2 chihuahuas (after growing up with English bull terriers- we see the resemblance!) Lottie is nearly 16 and is the alpha grandma! Marley is Lotties companion… well Marley thinks so anyway but Lottie has never really cared much for him! 

Grooming Apprentice

Maisie is our other grooming apprentice. Although younger she is excelling through the course and her grooming skills are growing every day. She loves to spend time giving the dogs massages and head rubs when bathing and they love her for it! She’s also great with the camera and has taken some of our best photoshoots. She shows great potential within grooming, and we can’t wait to watch her grow further!

Maisie has mum and son Flo and Fergie the fox red labs (Flo’s the muddy one, she would much rather be in bed!). She’s often out walking Fergie or playing sims. She’s an avid series watcher and loves to shop. Keep an eye out for her grooms- she’s going to be one to watch!


Izzy came to us for work experience and was so interested in the grooming prep side wanted to take her experience further and became our full-time bather. She is currently at uni studying Animal Welfare and Management but comes back to us for the weekends and holidays. Izzy became a self-taught whiz at removing matts, knots and any other foreign items within the dogs coat. She was a pro at fully drying a newfoundland from head to tail by herself and 1 hairdryer (we still don’t understand how!) 

Izzy has 3 black labs of her own: Thorn, Nanook and Roxy. Izzy and her family have a campervan and often pack everyone up for a long weekend away- she loves to be out with the dogs. We miss her throughout the year but really value her skills when she’s back! 

Brioni 1

Brioni is our in house cat whisperer and loves the groom all the felines. She is currently at York University but comes back to us over the school holidays. She is also our annual Christmas character whether its Santa or The Grinch for our Christmas parties!

Brioni has Leo the 3 legged cat- he loves Brioni but hates everyone else! He has been known for a swipe or two and isn’t afraid of dogs no matter what size. 

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