Pet Grooming Services

A Groom With A View offer a large selection of dog grooming services. Upon arrival to our grooming salon you will be offered a free professional, friendly consultation. We will offer advice on styles to suit each dogs breed, skin/coat condition, lifestyle and also taking into account the length of time in-between visits.

Dog Grooming Services

one to one dog grooming

1 to 1 Dog Grooming

Although we are a busy salon we are able to offer a unique one to one grooming service, this may benefit some dogs who may find the salon environment a little stressful and for owners who would like the groom completing in less time, appointments must be made in advance for this service and we will ensure that any specific needs are met. We do use holding pens however we are able to contact you when they are ready or you can take advantage of our daycare centre at a discounted rate along side a groom.



All dogs are bathed at our salon with shampoo and conditioner suited to their hair and skin type, they are then thoroughly dried using whichever technique is suited to the dog , our drying cabinets are top of the range dezyna dog dryers, with temperature control and helps the dog relax ready for the final stage in the grooming process. We also offer in-between / monthly baths which are very popular, particularly with Labradors to keep on top of shedding, dogs with longer coats to keep on top of matting, and those that just love to roll will really benefit from this service.



We are very experienced in dematting and will always advise about maintaining your pets coat. If the matts are close to the skin and severe we would need to clip the coat short to prevent damage to the skin and stress to the pet. There will be an additional cost for the extra time and work it takes to maintain the welfare of the dog and this may be up to double the cost of the groom. Clipping severe matting away may uncover underlying problems which is entirely at the owners risk.

AGAWAV dog grooming

Dog Grooming Styles

Breed Standard Styles

Breed standard styles aren’t just for the show ring , we can adapt these styles to suit both dog and owner or we can offer help for those wanting breed styling for the show ring. We can offer advice on how to keep the coat in top condition with grooming techniques you can do at home.

Pet Styles

We offer pet styles for those wanting something different , from all off short to our famous teddy bear style. Each dog is different and we understand that clients have their own preferences, we achieve great results by listening and advising at the consultation.

For more information on Dog Grooming in Lincoln please contact us.

Our Pricing

All our prices are dependant on condition of the coat and temperament of the dog/cat whilst grooming. Dogs/cats that require extra time, require an additional groomer and/or has matting or a compacted coat will incur an additional charge. The price may be up to double depending on what is required. 

Dog Grooming Services


Ear Plucking / Cleaning

We always ensure we clean the ears and clear hair from the ear canal by plucking , to reduce the risk of infection this is included in the grooming price and is free of charge for regular clients wanting this service inbetween grooms . 

dog-16 (1)

Eye Area Clean

The eye area is always cleaned and trimmed free of hair to reduce eye staining and and the risk of eye infections. The eye area is cleaned at each visit and is included in the groom price, this service is free of charge inbetween grooms for regular clients. 


Gland Empty

If the anal glands need supressing we will do this at each visit to reduce the risk of infection and keep that area from creating odour. We can empty the glands inbetween visits for regular clients free of charge. For those wanting to use this service only the price is £15.00

dog teeth clean

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning; We are proud to be able to offer ultrasonic teeth cleaning with products from cleany teeth. The first session is around half an hour long and is includes an assessment of your dogs oral health. The first session is £57. In most cases it can be done in 1 session but some can take up to 5 sessions. Maintenance cleans are also available to keep on top of the hygiene and restore healthy teeth and gums. These sessions are £44 and are recommended every 6-8 weeks. 

dog-nail-trimming 2

Nail Trimming

We will trim each dogs nails at every visit, this service is included in the grooming price, we also offer free nail trims inbetween visits for regular clients. For clients just wanting to use our nail trimming service the price is £12.00



We are qualified micro-chippers and can easily microchip dogs and cats after the groom, the price is just £18.00 for regular customers and £19 for those just requiring microchipping.

AGAWAV puppy grooming

Puppy Grooming

We can accept puppies into our salon as soon as they have had all their vaccinations, it’s really good for puppies to come early on so that they can get used to us and the grooming procedure, it’s also a great confidence builder for them. We can offer puppy trims from £37 which will tidy the coat up. We can also offer a full style if the coat and temperament allows at breed price.

AGAWAV cat grooming

Cat Grooming

Cat grooming prices includes a full brush out , trim or lion trim if needed or requested , nails trimmed ears and eyes cleaned , cat grooming prices depends on the condition of the coat and  temperament of the cat. 

Prices start from £60.00

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